Non-Profit Sponsors

The Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network

The Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network is a collaboration of programs fighting the multi-dimensions of human trafficking.  These programs cover a wide spectrum and include programs that address community education and awareness, prevention, demand reduction, male engagement on the issue and the tourism and hospitality sector. It is through these activities that we hope to eliminate human trafficking in Arizona by raising awareness, reducing demand and fostering prevention efforts with youth. AATN has passionate and committed team members who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring awareness and foster community partnerships in Arizona.  Our vision is an Arizona where no one is bought, sold or exploited.


Nowell Family Foundation

Inspired by late Sublime front man Bradley Nowell, the Nowell Family Foundation provides addiction recovery services to the music community. Music is a powerful medium, and the industry has far-reaching influence. The foundation believes that offering hope and  healing to musicians can have an exponential impact on the fight against the nationwide opioid epidemic.